We’re flashing back to the 1970s several times a week with the new musical comedy Disaster! on Broadway. We wrote a little story about our experience with the 1970s and Disaster! for The Advocate magazine. While writing, we started thinking about the 1970s and what they meant to us. In the 1970s we were off.. read more →

Burba & Hayes were recently profiled in Palm Springs Life magazine.  Read the complete story. A bright-yellow smiley-face flag snaps with each gust of wind that blows through the yard of the idyllic Johnny Mercer estate in the Mesa neighborhood of South Palm Springs. “This is our happy place,” says Bob Hayes, as he sets.. read more →

Advocate.com Op-Ed April 8, 2013 In a previous Advocate article we talked about the crucial need for balance between the personal and the professional life when you work with your partner. Time for yourself, time away from the business, and equitable division of responsibilities between partners being keys to success.  But what about the balance.. read more →

Advocate.com Op-Ed January 11, 2013 When we met some 22 years ago at a fancy black tie fundraiser at the Disneyland Hotel, going into business together was absolutely not on our minds that evening.  Now, here we are, 12 years into a blockbuster of an international business. People often ask us how we manage to.. read more →