It’s more of the same for the world’s most dynamic growth region – Asia Pacific – according to the results of BHN’s most recent Hotel Investment Survey, published in HOTELS’ Investment Outlook magazine. The results highlight several key themes including: The outlook for Southeast Asia (SE Asia) remains the most optimistic India continues to bounce.. read more →

The results from BHN’s Hotel Investment Survey are in, and the hotel investment climate is looking good everywhere in the Americas.  In terms of the BIG market headlines for the Americas, the U.S. remains the poster child of optimism.  The outlook in Mexico improved measurably across the board, and while Brazil is still very optimistic,.. read more →

28 Feb 2014
February 28, 2014

Hotel Investment Activity in Europe

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The last half a decade has been relatively quiet on the European investment scene, but BHN’s January 2014 survey of the hotel investment community suggests that the music that began to play more loudly in 2013 will likely get a bit noisier in 2014!   Finally, it appears that one of the largest and most important.. read more →

With just under one month to go until the start of the 2014 Hotel Investment Forum India (HIFI) Conference, YCI spoke to Jim Burba, Founder of the Burba Hotel Network, which produces HIFI. As India’s most important hotel investment conference, HIFI convenes the leaders in the Indian hotel and tourism industry. HIFI is also a.. read more →

12 Sep 2013
September 12, 2013

Hotel Investment Asia Survey Results

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The results are in from the most recent BHN Hotel Investment Asia Survey. Not surprisingly, some air has come out of the balloon that in recent years was only going one direction for most of Asia – up!  In fact, some of the bigger, more mature Asia Pacific markets like Japan, Korea, and Australia are.. read more →

Over That Rainbow Lies a Pot of Gay Travel Gold The days of confused glances by the hotel desk clerk when we asked for one room/one bed are quickly receding into the past. Sure, we still get a confused look now and then when we check into a hotel, but the light is definitely shining.. read more →

Survey Says: Another Year of Steady Improvement for Hotel Investment The survey results from the Americas are in, and the hotel investment outlook is looking pretty decent throughout North America.  It is not off-the-charts spectacular, but it is steady, positive, and there is a respectable outlook for the future. To understand the perspective of the.. read more →

Today we announced that our company and its events have surpassed the US$10,000,000 mark in contributions for scholarships, humanitarian aid, research, and educational product development for the hotel industry. Our company was founded on the principle of shared success, and the results over the last decade have been truly remarkable.  We are a very proud.. read more →

We recently had the pleasure of talking to Paul Collanton of about our business and how achieving success is all about connecting people. April 1, 2013  Jim Burba and Bob Hayes epitomize what Gay Ambition Blog is all about.  They are life partners and co-founders of Burba Hotel Network, the worldwide leader in producing.. read more →

In our January 2013 survey of the European hotel investment community, it ‘appears’ that the long winter of frozen investment activity may be starting to thaw, and perhaps there are some better days ahead for one of the largest and most important hotel markets in the world. We posed a question about how confident the.. read more →