14 Jul 2016
July 14, 2016

Smart Partners Review

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The first review of our book Smart Partners is in from Publishers Weekly.

About Smart Partners, Publishers Weekly writes, “This chatty, friendly how-to guide is a cheerful read for budding entrepreneurs looking for inspiration,” and “Using stories from their own work, they discuss the importance of attaining self-knowledge and self-understanding, how to choose a partner carefully, building a romantic relationship, treating people with kindness, building strong communication and negotiation skills, and always relying—first and foremost—on a strong sense of integrity.”

We wrote Smart Partners in response to the many questions we receive about “how do you guys live and work together 24/7 and not kill each other?” Our book talks about how we make our business and personal partnership work. We hope to inspire people with our story of how success can be achieved through the use of our “partnership principles.”

Smart Partners is available for pre-orders now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book will be released on September 6, 2016.

Read the complete Publishers Weekly review here.

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