03 Nov 2015
November 3, 2015

How to Stay Connected After the Meeting

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We produce more than 10 conferences a year, attended by thousands of delegates. How do we stay connected to all of these people once the event is over? Take a look at the complete story in Meetings + Events for some tips.

Send a Thank-You Note

Once an event is over, the communication for next year’s event is already starting. How? Mostly through email, though sometimes with written notes for smaller events, we thank the delegates for attending, remind them of the dates for next year and let them know a survey will be on its way to them shortly.

Survey Them

We let our attendees know that we love feedback, even the negative stuff. Yes, we want to know the good, the bad and the ugly. If you don’t ask the customer, how will you know how successful the event really was? We like to send out surveys a couple weeks after an event, and we let attendees know their answers are anonymous so that they feel freer to “tell it like it is.” Our surveys ask about food/beverage, venue, speaker quality and session content. We also provide space for open-ended comments. Be warned: You may get more bad comments than good ones. We have found that unhappy attendees are usually the most vocal. For us, any comment is valuable, so we pay attention and address the issues that come up wherever we can.

Take a look at the complete story in Meetings + Events for more ways to stay connected.

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